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Festival Crowd

2024 Winter Season Winners & Awards

Overall Winners

Sound Of Waves.jpg

Best Feature Film:
"Sound Of Waves"
by Chris Frint

Best Documentary Film:
"Common Ground"
by Josh & Rebecca Tickell

Common Ground_edited.png

Best Short Film:
"La Lista"
by Fernanda Fraga

Best Short Documentary Film:
"The Vessel"
by Brendan Garvey

The Vessel.jpg
Being Frank_edited.jpg

Best Animated Short Film:
"Being Frank"
by Jason Joel Lethcoe

Best Youth Short Film:
"Maybe This Time"
by Kyle M. Wegler

Maybe This Time.jpg

Best Music Video:
"Good Kinda Tired" - Song By Brooke Josephson
Directed by Michelle Bossy

Best Local Filmmaker:
"Animal Zone"
by William G. Conlin

Animal Zone.jpg

Best Feature Script:
"Wish In One Hand"
by Jeff Stacy

Best Short Script:
"This is Jan"
by Robert Larriviere, Hunter Burke & Nick Lavin

This is Jan.jpg

Awards of Excellence

Rent Free.jpg

Short Film:
"Rent Free"
by Jordan Satmary

Short Film:
"Cats and Husbands "
by Grace Samson &
Barry Samson

Cats and Husbands.jpg
Finding an Edge.jpg

Documentary Short Film:
"Finding an Edge"
by James Malone

Animated Short Film:
"Double Trouble"
by Muhan Yao

Double Trouble.jpg

Animated Short Film:
"Overthinking Tea"
by Scarlett Ssu-Chia Chen

Short Script:
"The Hatch"
by Ed Vela

The Hatch.jpg

Awards of Achievement


Short Film:
by Julia Knox &
Kasey Orthmann

Short Film:
by Rafal Sokolowski & Kanat Omurbekov


Short Film:
by Brandon Leake &
Cleve Brown

Short Film:
by Armando Xavier Peniche

Someone You Know_edited.png

Documentary Short FIlm:
"Someone You Know"
by Asha Dahya

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