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Festival Crowd

2023 Winners & Awards

Overall Winners

Centeral Valley.jpg

Best Feature Film:
"Central Valley"
by Niv Klainer & Gabriel Oliva

Best Documentary Film:
by Drew Garcia


Best Short Film:
by Eli McGowan

Best Short Documentary Film:
"Regenerate Ojai"
by Josh and Rebecca Tickell

Regenerate Ojai.jpg

Best Animated Short Film:
"The Terrasite"
by Matthew Buxbaum

Best Youth Short Film:
"Serious Condition"
by Atticus Lutz

Best Music Video:
"Tornado" - Wall of Tom
by Tommie Vaughn-Grimes &  Tony Grimes

Best Feature Script:
"Marry Me Man"
by Jordan Andrew Oliver

Best Short Script:
"Killswitch Engeneer"
by Brad Cooper

Awards of Excellence

Feature Film:
"Depth of Field"
by John F Uranday

Documentary Film:
"The Millionaires' Unit "
by Darroch Greer

Short Film:
by Luke Rex

Short Film:
"El Campo"
by Octavio Pisano

Short Film:
"Magician: Game of Detective"
by Tanxuan Shi

Short Documentary Film:
"Ocean Minded"
by Drew Rasmus

Short Animated Film:
"Frenzy Fries"
by Jee Suk Kim

Music Video:
"Alive" - Dishwalla
by Justin Fox

Awards of Achievement

Short Film:
"Hot Latin Nights at the Granada"
by Franco Vidal

Short Documentary Film:
"Finding My Edge"
by Jennifer Smith

Short Documentary Film:
by Giovanna Trujillo

Short Animated Film:
"Sports Day"
by Jessica Wu

Short Script:
"Lex Talionis"
by Harrison Tepper

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