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Saturday Screening Schedule

Short Documentaries

10:00am - 11:50am

A group of queer Latinx skaters struggle with crippling mental health and societal expectations in Southern California. In their local skate community, they find cathartic release, chosen family and mastery of empowerment.

A young woman sets her sights on the Tahoe 200 Ultramarathon to find the edge of her capability

Uncover the extraordinary journey of Jasmin Tupy, an intrepid waterwoman driven by her profound bond with the ocean. Plunge into the fragile marine realm that she strives to protect and conserve for future generations

A TikTok creator reveals their personal truths behind what content creation looks like on and off the app.

This documentary short serves as a love letter from daughter to father while also questioning the relationship between nature and nurture as we hear from a variety of voices with similar life experiences.

Narrated by Academy Award Winner Laura Dern, exposes shocking truths about pesticide exposure in Ojai, a small Southern California town located in the agricultural county of Ventura, California.

Documentary Feature

12:05pm - 1:20pm


After suffering tremendous loss in 2020, including the loss of both his parents, Cary Judd became fixated on electric skateboarding as a means of coping with grief. This film follows Cary as he attempts to become the first person to ride around the Iceland Ring Road - 828 miles

Music Video 
& Narrative Shorts

1:35pm - 3:05pm


Dishwalla "Alive"

Local rock group Dishwalla performs their latest hit "Alive" in the hills overlooking beautiful Santa Barbara.

Wall Of Tom.jpg

Wall Of Tom "Tornado"

Beware... a tornado is coming. Follow Tommie, Tony, Kerim, Louisa and Ryan of Wall of Tom on a musical and magical journey to Ozzz, in search of fame from the wizard of Rock.

Serious Condition.jpg

Ray, an anxious and honest young man fumbles his way through life, when a "friend" of his uses him for money. He decides he will no longer be pushed around.

Ms. Rossi Takes The Cake Poster.jpg

While on her travels as a Loan Officer for the bank, Ms. Rossi encounters some obstacles along the way while just trying to do her job.

Un Dia Mas Un Dia Mentos.jpg

In 1960s rural Durango, Mexico, a young boy named Leo’s life changes when he finds himself abandoned by his father on his uncle’s ranch. With nowhere to go, Leo grows up on his uncle, Tio Arturo’s ranch being exploited for work for over a decade. Soon Leo will discover the truth that Tio Arturo has been hiding from him all these years.

Magician Game of Detective.jpg

Zhang Cheng, an Chinese magician who wants to prove himself, is discovered by FBI agent Storm while he's studying in the United States. He will use his talent of face changing and traditional Chinese tricks knowledge to help the FBI to catch the Japanese female burglar Octopus who is proficient in face changing and cross dressing. A "face changing vs face changing" game begins...

Animated &
Narrative Shorts

3:20pm - 5:00pm

Frenzy Fries.jpg

A baby wants to eat french fries so badly.

Hot Latin Nights at the Granada.jpg

The Granada, a nightclub owned by the famed salsa singer Tony “El Tío” Lopez is closing down. El Tío’s nephew had no intention of attending the closing night, until the girl next door asks him to save the last dance for her. Now all he needs to do is learn how to salsa dance.

Sports Day.jpg

A girl struggles for her mom's approval in a lively school sports event.

Co Star Master Class.jpg

A documentary crew follows a group of aspiring actors and their instructor in an acting class geared exclusively towards TV co-star roles. Through a series of interviews we learn about their hopes, dreams and what makes them tick. But we quickly find out that not all of them are going to get their big break.


The Terrasite is an action, comedy, sci-fi creature feature which combines high quality stop-motion puppetry, 2D animation, and an original jazz soundtrack.

Woman in the Darkness.jpg

Carmen, a charming dancer, comes into a mysterious dark space. There’s only a dancing floor, a candle, and a picture of her deceased husband. The candle lights up, the music starts to play... With her solo dancing, a secret which had been deeply buried in her heart begins to unfold. In the midst of the darkest night, how will she break free from the chains of darkness?

El Campo.jpg

At a Mexican camp in the middle of the desert we witness the evolution of a boy transformed. This coming-of-age nightmare shows that even in the darkest of evils, there was once innocence.


A solitary figure at an empty bar, CIA clinical and forensic psychologist, Dr. John Flemington, is planning to visit his girlfriend in Mexico when he is pressured by mysterious underground operatives to join them on a secret mission. He really doesn't have a choice.


Henry is shocked by the appearance of German P.O.W.s in his rural farming community, and makes a decision that will impact his family for a generation.

Feature Film

5:15pm - 6:50pm

Centeral Valley.jpg

When his younger brother suddenly passes away, Tim, a 35-year-old drug peddler who has never been able to take care of himself properly, must decide what to do with his 10-year-old nephew: let him go into foster care, or rise to the occasion and straighten his life out.

Awards Ceremony

7:00pm - 7:45pm

We will announce the winners for each category for the Film Festival: Narrative Feature Film, Documentary Feature Film, Narrative Short Film,   Documentary Short Film, Short Animated Film, Music Video, Youth (18 and under) Narrative Short Film, Feature Length Script and Short Script.  The Awards Ceremony is free to attend! 

Award Cup.jpg

After Party

8:15pm - 10:00pm


Celebrate your victory! Meet the filmmakers, mingle & launch your next project! 

We will be serving beer from Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. and Wine from Lucas & Lewellen to party pass holders.

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