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Festival Crowd

2024 Summer Season Winners & Awards

Overall Winners


Best Feature Film:
by Xaque Gruber

Best Documentary Film:
"More Than Just A Party Band"
by  Robert Redfield

More Than Just A Party Band.jpg
Under copy.jpg

Best Short Film:
by Aloura Melissa Charles

Best Documentary Short Film:
"Hometown Hero"
by Samantha Bringas

Hometown Hero.jpg
Wall of Tom.jpg

Best Music Video:
"Wall of Tom -
Drive Through Fire"
by Adam Christopher-Hawk

Best Local Filmmaker:
"The Bill"
by Michael Karman

The Bill.jpg
A Fading Canvas.jpg

Best Youth Short Film:
"A Fading Canvas"
by Angela Huang

Best Youth Documentary
Short Film:
"A Glimpse of Hope"
by Brandon Kim

A Glimpse of Hope.jpg
The Burning Man.jpg

Best Feature Script:
"The Burning Man"
by Jordan Andrew Oliver

Best Short Script:
"The Haneys"
by  Patrick Norris

The Haneys.jpg

Awards of Excellence

Where Olive Trees Weep.jpg

Documentary Film:
"Where Olive Trees Weep"
by Zaya Benazzo & 
Maurizio Benazzo

Short Film:
"Bracing Shadows"
by  Bemnet (Bem) Yemesgen

Bracing Shadows.jpg
The Girl From The Village copy.jpg

Documentary Short Film:
"The Girl From The Village"
by Billy Surges

Youth Short Film:
by Paetyn Naidoo

On The Brink.jpg

Youth Documentary Short Film:
"On the Brink: The Battle
for Democracy"
by Zidaan Kapoor

Feature Script:
"Two Kinds of People"
by Thomas Pace

Two Kinds of People copy.jpg

Awards of Achievement

Face Down.jpg

Documentary Film:
"Face Down - TheDisappearance of Thomas Niedermayer"
by Gerry Gregg

Short Film:
by Kristin Carlson &
Van Wampler

Mute Poster Med V2 (1).png

Short Film:
by Dana Moe

Youth Short Film:
"Gabby In Pencil"
by Finbar Wilkinson, Gray Tracey, Rose Brennan-Wilkinson

Gabby In Pencil.jpg
Guiding Light.jpg

Youth Documentary Short Film:
"Guiding Light"
by India Anne Mitchell

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